Figure Coaching

As part of my dedication to helping grow the sport of natural bodybuilding and figure, I conduct training sessions dedicated to competition prep for figure, fitness, bikini, physique/athletic, and bodybuilding in all federations including DFAC, IFPA, NGA, NPC, OCB, SNBF, & USBF. I frequently receive emails and see forum posts from potential competitors who want to break out onto the stage but do not know where to start. So I sought to fulfill a need.

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Training for figure and physique competitions has to be personalized. All women have very individual bodies. We have different genetic backgrounds. We come from very different histories of fitness, both beginners and advanced weight lifters. And there's no reason to think that you can't overcome any of that in order to compete. Smaller framed and leaner girls have to focus on training much harder, heavier, and growing more muscle to increase their V-taper. Larger framed and heavier women have to focus more on conditioning and evening out their symmetry.

I cater to the beginner, especially those who have recently lost a lot of weight and transformed their physiques. Having once been in that position myself 14 years ago, I bring a unique and relevant perspective to my coaching. For those who have competed before we will get right to work on fine tuning your presentation and working on your trouble spots. If you currently have a trainer or nutritionist my work won't conflict with your theirs, though I will make recommendations on what needs improvement, and I am available to help you in those areas if you request it.

It begins with assessing your physique and choosing an appropriate contest and date based on what you'd like to achieve in competing. Then the hard work begins with working on quarter turns and stage walk for figure or the mandatory poses for physique/athletic competitors.

Competition prep also includes competition expenses and your budget (you can compete on a tight budget and I am proof of that!), choosing the right bikini, hair, make-up, shoes, and tanning. I'll follow you all the way through to contest day with follow-up assessments of your posing, and encouragement to get you through the last few weeks of dieting. On contest day you can also choose to have me backstage with you to make sure you look your absolute best.

I offer online coaching which includes your training and nutrition programs, figure posing and choreographing your T-walk, and competition prep. I train clients and competitors locally in the Delaware County, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) area, and travel to Delaware, New Jersey, and nationwide for individual and group intensives and workshops. With intensives and workshops the majority of the work can all be done in one 2-hour session. I also suggest a dress rehearsal session right before competition to make sure you are GOOD TO GO!

For available services and prices click my Training page.