About Me

Natural Pro Figure Competitor in the DFAC, IFPA, NGA, & USBF

Personal Trainer, Competition Diets, & Figure Coaching: online and in person

B.S. - Dietetics, B.A. - Psychology, M.S.W. - Clinical Social Work

2016 DFAC Pro World Finals - 4th place Pro Figure
2016 ANBF USA Championships - 1st Pro Figure, 1st Pro Women's Physique
2016 ANBF Masters Pro-Am - 1st Pro Figure, 1st Masters Pro Figure, 10th Pro Win!
and Amateur Women's Physique - New Physique Pro!
2016 DFAC Buffalo Pro: 2nd
2016 DFAC Chicago Pro: 3rd
2015 NGA Mid-Atlantic Pro: 3rd Pro Open Figure, 2nd Pro Masters Figure
2015 USBF Pennsvylvania Pro Natural: 1st
2015 DFAC World Finals: 2nd (30th Pro Show)
2015 DFAC Minnesota Mayhem: 2nd
2015 DFAC Midwest Pro: 1st
2014 USBF Pennsylvania Pro Natural: 1st
2014 DFAC World Finals: 2nd
2014 DFAC Midwest Pro: 1st
2013 DFAC World Championships: 2nd
2013 DFAC Suburban Warfare: 2nd
2013 IFPA Pro Bowl: 3rd Tall Class
2012 NGA New Jersey Pro: 1st Place
2010 USBF Pennsylvania Pro-Am: 1st Place
2010 NGA Pro Universe: 2nd place
2010 IFPA Yorton Cup: 6th Tall Class
2010 IFPA Gaspari Pro: 3rd Tall Class & Best Poser
2010 IFPA Pro International: 3rd Short Class
2009 IFPA Pro Yorton Cup: 2nd Tall Class
2009 NGA Pro Universe: 2nd
2009 IFPA Gaspari & Dymatize Pro: 3rd
2009 IFPA Pro International: 4th
2009 IFPA Pro Natural Show Me: 3rd
2009 NGA Pro Music City Night of Champions: 1st
2007 NGA Pro Natural Night of Champions: 1st Tall Class & Overall
2007 IFPA Pro Yorton Cup: 5th
2007 NGA Pro World's in Atlanta: 1st *first pro win!*
2007 NPC Figure Nationals: Class D - DNP
2006 NPC Florida Gold Cup: 2nd - Class C
2006 NGA American International: 1st Open, NGA Pro-Card
2006 IFPA Gaspari Nutrition Pro Figure: 6th
2005 WNBF Pro World's: 4th Tall Class
2005 WNBF Pro International: 6th
2005 WNBF Pro Natural Northeast: 11th *first pro show!*
2005 INBF Northern States Natural: 1st & Overall: WNBF Pro-Card
2004 INBF Texas Shredder: 2nd Open Figure Tall
2002 Tri-Fitness World Challenge: 9th Overall, 5th Dual, 2nd Fitness Skills, 1st Bench
2002 Tri-Fitness Nationals: 3rd Overall, 1st Fitness Skills
2001 Tri-Fitness World's: 40th Overall (1st competition)
2000 Body for LIFE Challenge Finalist: W25-29
1999 Body of Work Challenge: Finisher!

My Story

When I moved to Florida to go to college I wasn't as physically active as I was in high school. I spent my days at the beach, my nights partying, and subsisting on Mountain Dew and Checker Burgers. Over the next six years, my life became defined by the domestically violent relationships I repeatedly found myself in. I gained weight and gradually lost my self identity as each relationship became more twisted and violent than the last. I hit bottom when I became so fearful and secluded that I just wasn't functioning in the world any more. I moved out, and felt so lost.

Someone gave me the Body for Life program by Bill Phillips and I entered the Body for Life Challenge which turned my whole life around. While rebuilding myself physically, I was rebuilding my life mentally and spiritually. In the process, I lost 37 pounds of fat and gained 16 pounds of muscle, and transformed my whole life. I'm a different person today and it started by unpeeling the layers one at a time, digging deep, finding the power within, even though it seemed dim at the time, and changing my attitude and beliefs about myself and the world around me. (You can find my old BFL page with before and after pics by clicking here) When I first started working out in the summer of '99, I had no idea I'd be a fitness competitor or professional athlete one day. It's been an incredible journey, one that I hope many other women will take a chance at trying.

After Body for LIFE, I began competing in 2001 in the the Women's Tri-Fitness and hit a personal best in my life just by being able to complete that two-day grueling event which included a military obstacle course, fitness skills, fitness routine, and a bikini round. That was the starting point of a dream to reach the top. One year later, I placed 9th overall in the World Challenge in July 2002 including 5th place in the Dual Fitness of obstacle course & fitness skills, 2nd place in the fitness skills, and a 1st place bench press in the fitness skills. Wow, Top 10 in the World!

Seeking something different I found a new home in natural bodybuilding with fitness and figure competitions. I placed 2nd at my first figure competition in 2004. It was an incredible experience that left a lasting positive impression. After talking to the judges, the pro-figure competitors, and all the other new friends I made, it was refreshing to be among passionate fitness enthusiasts who are helpful, positive, and friendly. This was the start of a long relationship with the competitors and supporters of natural bodybuilding. I knew my next goal was to earn a pro-card.

I trained with a purpose, nothing short of winning. I returned the following year in April 2005 in Buffalo, NY at the INBF Northern States Super Natural winning the Figure Open & Overall. I got my pro-card! Something I could hold out to other women coming from a background such as mine and say, "See, this CAN be yours too!"

I can't believe I've achieved so much when I look back at where I started. All I know is that if I can achieve such huge goals, anyone can. You just have to want it bad enough and put it into action.

Very Truly Yours,
Nicole Weeks-Boyers